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《怎麼吃牛才好吃》 Best Way to Eat a Cow

攝影 Photo by: 林修齊 Hsiu-Chi Lin

Dates | Apr. 21 – Apr. 24, 2016  

Venue |  Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre, Taipei

Produced by Tainaner Ensemble 

Best Way to Eat a Cow tells the story of three nameless women, who are imprisoned in the basement and are asked to do nothing but chopping cabbage. One evening, one of them sneaks out and brings back a cow. In an attempt to find out what is the best way to eat this cow that could effectively “maximize” their enjoyment, they imitate the pre-meal rituals of their imprisoners, Monsieur He and Madam She. However, it gets more and more dangerous as the “real” and the “performative” becomes intangible….

Cast &

Artistic Director | Po-Shen Lu

Director/Playwright | Chih-Ching Chester Tsai

Cast | Yun-Ching Chang, Ihot Sinlay Chiek and Peng Hsu 

Scenic Design | Yi-Chien Lee

Lighting Design | Pei-Yu Lai

Costume Design | Wang-Ying Tu

Music by | Cali Wang

Graphic Design |  Jen-Chieh Hsing 

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