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Slipping through Fingers

Photo by: Simon Huang

Dates | Sep. 16 – Sep. 18, 2022  

Venue | Wellspring Theater, Taipei

Produced by Tainaner Ensemble and Quanta Arts Foundation 

In Alliance with Jin Kwei Lo Puppetry Company

Slipping through Fingers is a story about father and son of a Bodehi family troupe. Bodehi is a form of traditional glove puppet theatre in Taiwan, and its art relied mainly on the artist’s puppeteering crafts and improvisation skills. When an aging Bodehi puppeteer is faced with Dementia and imminent death, an artist who has devoted his entire life to the pursuit of this art form, how can he bear to say goodbye?  


This production puts together traditional Bodehi artists and practitioners with contemporary theater backgrounds. By experimenting different narrative strategies and materials, it opens up brand new perspectives in cross-disciplinary theater. 

Cast &

Artistic Director | Po-Shen Lu

Director/Playwright | Chih-Ching Chester Tsai

Cast | Chia-Chen Chang, Shih-Hong Ko

Bodehi Puppeteer | Shih-Hua Ko

Scenic Design | I-Fang Chung

Lighting Design | I-Hsin Mandy Chen

Costume Design | Hsiang-Ying Lu

Music by | Chien-Hsing Chiang and Hans Tsai

Graphic Design |  Bao-Shen Kuo


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