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The Reunion Dinner

Photo by: You-Wei Chen

Who teaches us to become a person?

On New Year’s Eve, a homecoming of the youngest son stirs the traumatic memories of the Wei family. As the mother, daughter and son prepare for the coming reunion dinner, they engage in a story-telling race, competing for who has suffered the most from the absent father. During the performance, the actors cook at the same time. As the smell of New Year’s Eve fills the theater, The Reunion Dinner takes the audience to trip down the familiar memory lane.

Cast &

Artistic Director | Po-Shen Lu

Director/Playwright | Chih-Ching Chester Tsai

Cast | Po-Hsiang Chang, Hsuan-Yen Tsai, Shi-Wei Wang

Scenic Design | Shih-Lun Lin

Lighting Design | I-Hsin Mandy Chen

Costume Design | Yi-Chung Chang

Movement Coach | I-Hsuan Lee

Music by | Chin-Ting Yang

Graphic Design | Cheng-Yu Lin

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