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蔡志擎 Chih-Ching Chester Tsai


Chih-Ching Chester Tsai is a playwright/director from Taipei, Taiwan. He holds an M.A. in Drama and Theatre and an B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures from National Taiwan University. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Playwriting at the University of Texas at Austin. From 2019 to 2023, he served as the resident director at Tainaner Ensemble. 

Chih-Ching's writing mainly investigates the essence of individual and family identities under Taiwanese culture and intercultural contexts. His directing approach foregrounds the literary texts and incorporates multimedia and cross-disciplinary materials. His mission in theatre is to examine/explore specific cultural contexts and, in this specificity reveal the possibility of what it means to be human. 

Chih-Ching’s original directing and writing works include The Reunion Dinner (2020), Stand Up! (2022) and Slipping through Fingers (2022), which has won the 2021 Quanta Performing Arts Golden Creative Award. He has also worked on classics retelling projects like Antigone (2019) and The Madness of Titus Andronicus (2021). His works have been produced by Tainaner Ensemble, The Funny Old Tree Theatre Ensemble (Macau) and Performosa Theater. His latest work, Dancing through Formosa (2023), a musical for which he wrote the book and lyrics, was produced by Tainaner Ensemble and National Theater and Concert Hall and has just finished a national tour in Taiwan. 

Besides a creator, Chih-Ching is also a facilitator in theatre and a translator. He has worked as a director assistant to Po-Shen Lu (Tainaner Ensemble), Theodoros Terzopoulos (Attis Theatre), Shaghayegh Beheshti (Théâtre du Soleil), Pascal Rambert and so on. He co-wrote and translated the script of Kaleidoscope (2018) with Shaghayegh Beheshti and was the translator for Theodoros Terzopoulos’ book, The Return of Dionysus. 


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