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The Madness of Titus Andronicus 

Photo by: You-Wei Chen

Dates | Apr. 16 – Apr. 18, 2021  

Venue |  Nanhai Theater, Taipei

Produced by Tainaner Ensemble 


A modern retelling of Shakespeare’s notorious revenge play, The Madness of Titus Andronicus explores the psychological complexity of human violence and brutality. We ask: is the story a presentation of madness in the garden of species, or a satire on the absurdity and insignificance of Reason and civilization?

Cast &

Adapted from William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

Artistic Director | Po-Shen Lu

Director/Adaptation | Chih-Ching Chester Tsai

Cast | Yun-Ching Chang, Chih-I Chang, Tzu-Heng Ling, Huan Liu, Wei-Hsun Pan and Yiling Tsai

Scenic Design | Shih-Lun Lin

Lighting Design | I-Hsin Mandy Chen

Costume Design | Yung-Hsin Ke

Music by | Hans Tsai

Graphic Design | Eason Lu

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